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Only the finest!

Cali-X began as an idea in Los Angeles and has grown to become one of the premier cannabis distributors in the nation.

Based in the heart of Los Angeles, we are a multi-state licensed operator here to bring you the finest, cleanest, and most exotic flavors and products in the cannabis industry. Our goal is to grow and harvest the highest-grade herb and bring it directly from cultivation to consumer.

Our mission is to mitigate the anxieties in life, alleviate pain, and create an elevated culture. Cali-X not only fosters the development of luxury THC products, but we are also a family. Our business is one of perseverance, diversity, and quality, and we wish to include you in our mission. We are continuously expanding our range of products so we may cater to every need of our consumers. Cali-X was once a dream, and now happy customers from all over the country can benefit from our high-end cannabis products.